Promotion of products


Children participating in the play that promotes new products of Mlekara Subotica,
on 24th May 2012 in "J. Mikic" school in Subotica.

A new form of communication


Visit our site and enjoy the adventure and competition with the characters Sancho Vanilla & Hose Chokito!



New products, milk rations for children and SANCHO VANILA & HOSE CHOKITO, ​​presented in an innovative and interesting way! On the inside of the packaging is a number, by which one enters an FB GAME "super jump!". Also, there is a game dedicated to the new Wanted! products, available on iOS devices(iPod touch, iPad, iPhone).


Holiday gift from Mrs. Clause


Do you remember the time when you believed in Santa clause and eagerly awaited Christmas presents? Mlekara Subotica reminds you of that time and sends Mrs. Clause to your doorstep. If you get a surprise visit during these days, ask yourself if you have five Mlekara’s products in you fridge. If you do, Mlekara Subotica will surprise you with a special holiday gift.

Socially responsible behavior:
Small gifts for great deeds


Since its inception, mlekara Subotica seeks to improve their business activities and their results, and help others as well. This year, Mlekara Subotica has decided to help primary school “jovan Mikic” in Subotica, a school with over 700 students. Students of this school have achieved excellent results in numerous sporting events despite the conditions in which they trained.

Because of this reason Mlekara Subotica has decided to provide help by renovating their gym, together with their locker rooms, corridors etc. Instead of damp walls and damaged installations, often dangerous for children, kids will now have the opportunity to grow up and train in much better conditions than before. It is just as important to educate children from a very early age about the importance of healthy eating so they can grow up in a healthy manner as it is a healthy spirit in a healthy body. With its top quality products, Mlekara Subotica provides kids with a happy and healthy childhood. This donation is just a small gift for their future great deeds.



NEW! Imuno Strong probiotic fruit yogurt


Imuno strong probiotic yogurt with added fruits, apples, elder and elder flower – stimulates natural immunity.

New! AB probiotic fruit yogurt!


AB probiotic yogurt with added prunes and figs. Good digestion – basis for healthy living.

NEW! Holiday package


In the upcoming holidays, Mlekara Subotica has launched a special holiday package for a special holiday price. The package contains 1 unite of Grekos 500g, 1 pc of AB PRO cheese 500g and 2 pieces of Kremsi cheese spread 100g – an ideal combination for the preparation of the holiday feast.

New! Slavki paket


In the upcoming holidays, mlekara Subotica has launched a special package which contains 2 pieces of Grekos feta cheese 500g and 2 pieces of Kremsi cheese spreads 250g, at a special 15% lower price.

New! Fruti fruit yogurt!


Fruti fruit yogurt strawberry and cherry flavored, full of refreshing flavor. Ideal for hot summer days! Excellent as a frozen treat! Suitable for preparing fast cakes.

New and Improved ab yogurt formula


On Thursday, 23rd of Jun 2011 in the botanical garden in Belgrade, Mlekara Subotica presented to the media a new AB yogurt formula with probiotic cultures and inulin. Production director Dragan Shashic spoke about the new ab yogurt formula. In the spirit of new changes that Mlekara Subotica started this year, a new step represents the modernization of ab yogurt packaging - says Tanja Antic the brend manager, while doctor Ivan Jovanovic, assistant professor of internal medicine at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade spoke about the impact of regular yogurt consumption on our health. The trend of healthy eating has become one of the imperatives of modern life. Mlekara Subotica is present in this area more than fifteen years. AB yogurt, one of the first probiotics on the domestic market, was launched in 1966. Thanks to the good balance of milk fat content, probiotic cultures and mild and fresh taste, it quickly became one of the most popular products on the domestic market. After extensive research of habits and opinions of consumers, which have been done in the past year, the formula is enhanced, so the concept of AB yogurt is now focused exclusively on improving digestion, which is the leading trend in the dairy industry in the year 2009 and 2010. The new edition of AB yogurt with clinically tested probiotic cultures and prebiotic inulin is being launched under the slogan – The shortest path to good digestion, which can be directly associated with the main benefit of this product.